We are a small farm (20 acres) producing certified organic fruits and vegetables.  We use biological methods of soil management to grow the healthiest possible product.  We have been certified organic through OEFFA (see Affiliations) since 2003.  In addition to a variety of vegetable crops we also sell wildcrafted berries in season.  During the winter months we engage in maintaining our 14 acre forested area for timber management with the purpose of preserving native species of trees and plants while beating back the non-native invasive species (ie. multi-flora rose).  Our fruit tree orchard is a work in progress currently with 47 apple and pear trees at varying stages of maturity.  The majority of our product is sold at farmer's markets (see Affiliations, Farmer's Market in Medina County), and through Local Roots in Wooster/Ashland (Roots Ashland).

Regarding the role of small farms in the agricultural economy, consider the words of Gene Logsdon: "Sustainable farms are to today's headlong rush towards global destruction what the monasteries were to the Dark Ages: places to preserve human skills and crafts until some semblance of common sense and common purpose returns to the public mind